Quick Start

︎︎︎ Download the appropriate scene file
︎︎︎ Open scene file in 3D application of choice
︎︎︎ Change textures as necessary
︎︎︎ Pose scale figure using armature


︎︎︎ Use toon shaders or emissive materials for flat shading effects
︎︎︎ Use glossy materials for a more synthetic action figure look
︎︎︎ Tutorials coming soon...

Happy peopling!

System Requirements

︎︎︎ Rhino 6
︎︎︎ 3ds Max 2018+
︎︎︎ Blender 2.8+
︎︎︎ Revit 2019+ (for .rfa files)

Model Specificiations

︎︎︎ Mix of Quad and Tri meshes
︎︎︎ Units are centimeters
︎︎︎ Clothing, hair, skin, eyewear, and shoes are all separate meshes
︎︎︎ Rigged models have an armature
︎︎︎ XYZ orientation is Y-up

Revit Families by David Di Giuseppe.

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